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No more oil in the bilge. The Bilge Oil Boom is designed especially to be placed in the bilge of the boat. The Bilge Oil Boom is easy to use and gives you a safer and better comfort on board as well as a cleaner environment. Place the Bilge Oil Boom in the bilge and secure the boom to avoid interference with equipment and easy recovery. When the Bilge Oil Boom is no longer absorbing it can be disposed of at an oil collection site. (Contact your local authorities for proper handling and detailed information.)

Perfect use
The Bilge Oil Boom is ideal for keeping your bilge safe and clean. Simply drop or anchor (with attached rope) in the bilge and the Bilge Oil Boom will efficiently absorb waste oil in bilge.


• Super absorbent and hydrophobic, does not absorb water.
• Absorbs all kinds of petroleum spills.
• Absorbs up to 4.5 l/1.2 gallons.
• Easy to use.
• 380 x 130mm/ 15" x 5" diameter boom.
• 100% Polypropylene absorbent surrounded by spunbond - polypropylene sock and nylon netting.

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